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Monday, March 31, 2014

Book Preview: A Beauty So Rare

Long time no see huh folks? Well, despite my recent absence to the blogosphere I am still alive! I have some great posts planned for the next month on a couple of topics- one of those topics that I know I'm going to love talking about is books! One book in particular has been on my (not-so-patiently) wait list and I have been looking forward to it's release! That book is Tamera Alexander's new Belmont novel "A Beauty So Rare"!

I have my review copy in hand and over the next few weeks during the big release I will be giving you some cool sneak peaks! Be sure to keep your eyes pealed for each weeks posts!

This week just to get you started take a look at the book trailer!

If that has whet your appetite and you are looking for more be sure and check out this exclusive book excerpt! Click HERE!
See you all back next week!